Art & Design Gallery—A Collaborative Concept

Thomas J. GaLLerie’s philosophy of art and design is a collaborative concept. The artists we represent are selected with great care and we take pride in their work. Whether they have been long recognized in the world of art and design or if their career is just beginning, we trust that you will see in their artwork the same ingenuity that we do. Our hope is to provide both art collectors and artists the platform to engage with each other. We believe that art is meant to enrich daily life. Operating outside of conventional circles, the collection at Thomas J. GaLLerie is uniquely exclusive—you will find our art and design nowhere else.


Thomas J. GaLLerie offers two collections of sculptures :

Exclusive Design and artistic collections, in limited series and numbered very limited edition (“Elite Collection”).

Elite and exclusive art and design collections in limited, numbered series.


Thomas J. GaLLerie opened its flagship location in La Jolla, California in the United States. The second gallery can be found in Cannes, France on the prestigious Croisette. Forthcoming galleries are expected to open soon—both in the US and in Europe.


Acquiring a sculpture signed by Thomas J. GaLLerie in fact means participating in an undertaking that enhances 3D sculpture and design with the utmost respect for artistic creation and its authors. It is also to highlight established artists and support young talents in the publishing of unique and exclusive works of art.


Thomas J. GaLLerie offers a support for artistic development together with an audience of art and design lovers from beyond the traditional circles.

For the artists who agree to join our Thomas J. GaLLerie adventure, we guarantee a collaboration that respects and enhances their creative work.Thomas J. GaLLerie acts as an accelerator, offering a unique visibility to these artists in its galleries in France and the United States.Thomas J. GaLLerie, proposes a respectful partnership through clear contracts and not as an operator.